The Yarilo DM12 demultiplexer convert digital DMX512 into 0-10V analog control signals. The DM12 demultiplexer is designed for installation on a DIN rail. The Yarilo DM12 has 12 analog outputs for dimmers control.

The demultiplexer can be powered by a 12-24V DC. The DMX cable is connected via screw terminals, which is a convenient and economical solution for installation. Three LEDs indicates the presence of power supply voltage (POWER), the input DMX signal (SIGNAL) and the occurrence of an error (ERROR). Input terminator (120 Ohms) is connected using a jumper. YARILO DM12 is an excellent solution for controlling light devices with analog inputs (0 to +10V) via the DMX512 Protocol.

Price: 63$

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Key features

  • Indication of the input signal
  • Error indication
  • Plug-in terminator at the input DMX
  • 12 analog outputs
  • DIN-rail mounth


 Supply  12 - 24 VDC
 Max current  0.5 А
 Housing material ABS-Plastic
 Color  Gray
 Temperature range  0 - 50° C
 Proofing  IP20
 Overall dimensions  106,25x90,2x57,5 mm
 Weight  185 g