YARILO DMX Splitter DIN3 is a DMX splitter for DIN rail installation. Splitter has 1 DMX input and 3 galvanic isolation DMX output. Power supply is 9-24V DC.

Signal wire is connecting via screw terminals, which provides a reliable and quickly switch connection. LEDs indicate the of DC power, DMX input signal and error situation. Input termination (resistor 120Ohm) is done by DIP-switch. YARILO DMX Splitter DIN3 - ideal solution for a stationary installation, providing amplification and protection of the DMX signal.

Price: 49$

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Key features

  • Indication of the input signal
  • Plug-in terminator at the input DMX
  • Optically isolated outputs 1000V
  • 3-channel splitter/booster
  • DIN-rail mounth


 Supply  9 - 24 V
 Max current  0.3 A
 Housing material ABS-plastic
 Color  Gray
 Temperature range  0 - 50° C
 Proofing  IP20
 Overall dimensions  53,3x90,2x56,5 mm
 Weigth  96 g