Yarilo SL2-1024 WiDMX - USB DMX Interface with Wireless DMX transmitter

Yarilo Sunlite2-1024WiDMX interface is used to control lighting networks using DMX512 and WiDMX protocol. Its SL compatiple inteface works as SUITE2-FC* with two DMX-512 Universes.

Optical isolation will protect your USB port against high voltage EMI.

You can use your PC, Mac, Android или iOS, with a Sunlite Suite and Sunlite Suite2

* Inteface doesn't support standalone engine and ArtNet features

Price: 239$

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Key features

  • Compatible with SL 1 and SL 2
  • Works as FC (First Class)
  • Two DMX-512 Universe
  • Built-in WiDMX transmitter
  • Completely removes EasyView restrictions
  • Fully EasyShow working


 Supply voltage  5 - 5.5 V
 Max current  0.5 A
 Housing material  ABS plastic
 Color  Black
 Connectors  USB B, XLR 3
 Working temperature  0 - 50° C
 Proofing  IP20
 Overall dimensions  89x38x100 mm
 Weight  310 g
 Supported OS  Windows XP/7/8/10