Yarilo DMX PRO - USB DMX-512 Interface

The Yarilo DMX PRO controller is used to control light devices using the DMX512 protocol. A wide range of software for Windows, Linux, MacOS is supported. Connect to PC via USB 2.0 interface. The controller is built on a modern 32-bit microcontroller, has a gull galvanic and optical isolation of power and control lines. Supported firmware update.

Yarilo DMX PRO supports DMX IN an DMX OUT, adjust the parameters of the DMX signal and the refresh rate from 1 to 40 Hz. The controller is fully compatible with ENTTEC DMX USB PRO.

A full galvanic isolation will protect the computer’s USB port from power surges on the DMX circuit.

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Key features

  • 1х DMX512 output
  • 1х DMX512 input (with adapter cable)
  • Works with Windows, Linux, MaсOS
  • Full compatible with ENTTEC DMX USB PRO
  • Firmware Update
  • DMX-512 Timings Adjustable

Supported Software

  • Chamsys MagicQ Windows
  • QLAB 4.6.6 MacOS
  • Freestyler DMX Windows
  • QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
  • Jinx! LED Matrix Control Windows
  • Onyx (M-PC) Windows (version 4.2.1057 and earlier)
  • Lightkey Mac OSX
  • LightFactory Windows
  • Enttec RDM Controller (Free version) Windows
  • Specifications

     Power Supply  5 - 5.5 V
     Maximum current consumption  0.6 A
     Enclosure  Metal with Powder coating
     Color  Black
     Connectors  USB B, XLR 3
     Temperature rande  0 - 50° C
     Protection  IP20
     Overall dimensions  98x48x45 mm
     Weight  180 g (6,3 oz)
     Supported OS  Windows XP/7/8/10, MacOS, Linux